If you know me, you know my pet name’s quite special, bestowed upon me almost immediately post-wedding in 1995 by then Huzband, whom I’d addressed as “My Sweet Baboo.” That tickled me, especially when he’d address me in public as MizrizBaboo, catching the attention of bystanders, too! Well, that was different, and now I am applying Different to myself, trying as a widow of two years and finding myself single all over again to become different, better, more. Let me know what you think!


2 Comments on “About”

  1. Nancy says:

    NancyKay this is great! I love your writing. I knew it would be good bfore I even read it. Congrats on the goals too. I wish I lived close so we could diet and exercise together. I need a stimulus!! Ilook forward to your next entry!!

    • mizrizbaboo says:

      Nancy — thank you for reading and for telling me you did! You are generous, and I appreciate you. I’m trying. Maybe this new routine, at least, will enable me to not be ashamed of myself when I do see y’all. I managed to not only be a sloth but a mistreated-by-my-own-hand sloth for the past few months. Maybe the pity party’s over, or at least somewhat mitigated. . . And you don’t need a diet, but THEY SAY we all need exercise. . . I’d rather be reading! I look forward to seeing you! Love, me.

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