Detox, cleanse, & choosing a lifestyle

Coffee – celebrating Day 22 and 23 of my 21-day detox and cleanse effort with cups of hot, strong coffee. Ahhhhhhh.

Going first for the coffee surprised even me. Surely, I would kill for a food or beverage with more obviously sinful properties!

For 21 days, I forewent “foods to avoid:” high sugar, syrup-packed, and artificial fruits and juices; corn, canned vegetables in sauces, and soy; refined flour and gluten-containing grains; peanuts and soy; milk and dairy-based products; fats except extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil, and nut oils, except peanut; beverages beyond purified water, 100 percent fruit or vegetable juices and organic green or herbal tea; processed condiments; and eggs, fish and shellfish, non organic meats, fried foods, and all artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Partnered in the detox/cleanse with fellow writer friend Susan Marquez, I started with a three-day fast. We “held hands” and bolstered each other’s efforts via email, Facebook, and phone calls. For the first three days, we had no solid food. Instead, every 10 or 15 minutes we sipped what I called our “jungle juice,” a mixture of purified water or organic green tea, Grade B organic maple syrup, and organic lemon or lime juice. Sounds awful, tastes fairly good. And except for sinking spells near the end of days one and three, not terribly much hunger!

Why did we choose to do this intensive program? The protocol is scientifically designed to provide nutritional support for healthy metabolic function, specifically targeting the gastrointestinal-neuroendocrine-immune system. All this we accomplished under the supervision of Enhanced Wellness.

Clinic Provider & Owner Kelly Engelmann explained: “This three-week elimination diet can help clients avoid commonly antigenic foods that might otherwise cause inflammation and blood sugar issues, including adrenal gland physiology. Secondly, by eating a whole-food diet, clients will likely have an easier time consuming glycemically balanced meals, which can support a healthy blood sugar balance. Lastly, after the three-week elimination diet, many report having an improved relationship with food and fid it easier to comply with a healthy diet.”

The next seven days we consumed nutritional supplements sold as Core Restore BT, a powder-based drink mixed with purified water, Alpha Base capsules, and PhytoCore capsules. On Days Three through Seven, we added vegetables only. Fortunately, the Core Restore kit came with a patient guide that gave both a solid list of foods that increase detoxification and tasty recipes. Finally, we could add fruits, grains, nuts, and extra virgin olive oil as well as organic beef and poultry; I decided to forego the meat.

So what happened on Day 22? I had coffee: hot, strong, black coffee, decaf. But it did not taste nearly as delicious as I had anticipated. Day 23 I added some caffeine. Still, not so wonderful. Have my tastebuds changed? Independently, both Susan and I decided to continue the whole food, clean eating routine. This is a lifestyle, a choice, a deliberate decision to eat foods that benefit bodies for good health.

Did we lose weight? Probably yes, but that’s really not the point. The objective was to position ourselves for a comprehensive diet, lifestyle, exercise, and supplement program designed to support healthy metabolic function. How much damage can a few cups of coffee do? A glass or two of wine on occasion? And how much better will we be with exercise added?

Time will tell, and MizrizBaboo will report more progress in a few weeks.


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