Reporting benchmarks, continuing

Two big achievements this week ― well, three, if  celebrating the 37th anniversary of my 27th birthday on September 5th counts as a big achievement.

  • Yesterday’s weigh-in at Enhanced Wellness revealed I’ve finally dropped 60 pounds of scale weight: hooray for me! OK. But that’s not how the nurses see it. They look at fat pounds and muscle pounds, and I also have begun to not only understand but strive to reach goals based on that scale. For now, though, 60 pounds is 60 pounds, and I claim it! All four pounds a month for this trip, which started in April 2011.
  • And, drum roll please, “the book” nears completion. Two months ago, I wrote about the business of developing a book, my book with and for Dr. Gerald S. Berenson, founder and principal investigator for 40 years of the internationally famous Bogalusa Heart Study. I announced the title first here and posed a question: You Can Fix The Fat From Childhood ― & Other Heart Disease Risks, Too. Will that stand out in a world of 211,000 self-published books in the past year? Is that really the title? The book deals with fatness as one of the top six contributors in children toward development of adult heart disease. Fat’s a potential killer.

As I said then, I know from personal experience and observation that most people who are overweight or obese forever seek the sure-fire formula, the magic bullet to lose excess weight and fit the Western world’s ideal body image: slim, trim, toned, healthy. To entice some of those other fat people as buyers and readers of our book could be huge! To encourage myself is big.

So, tell me: will this sell?

Berenson’s 40 years of research show that individuals can learn about and practice behaviors that result in appropriate body weight for good health. Learning to adopt healthy lifestyles – that’s prevention! His hope is that prevention beginning in childhood will become an acceptable and common practice. Through that, individuals and families can address quality of life from its origin and, maybe, extend quality to the end of life.

His intent to push primordial prevention ― prevention before bad risk factors begin and result in heart disease and related diseases, like diabetes ― and mine to both contribute to public health and realize financial gain, well.  .  . We are here.

Already available at the publisher’s website,, and soon from other online and (we pray!) brick-and-mortar booksellers, check it out!

Will you visit, buy, read, recommend? Good, not-so-good, awful – let me know! Future posts likely will feature excerpts, certainly a review of some lessons learned, and probably some recipes that can help you and me fix the fat – recipes for what I call “attitude and action,” recipes for learning to like exercise and for preparing “Hero” food, another concept I’ll discuss more later.

Thanks for reading; please leave your card or a comment!


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