Here we go again

One month, two, three . . . lapses in writing, dieting, working strategically: enough!

Thanksgiving’s past; also Christmas and the coming of the New Year. One-third through winter and looking forward to spring. Much work to be done before, though. House repairs and paint, new lighting front and back, sorting and clearing and rearranging on the inside, itching to get outside for quality digging-in-the-dirt activity.

As Ray Charles sang so long ago, “Here we go again. . . I’ll try it again. I’ve been there before, but I’ll try it again.” For Mizrizbaboo, this relates not to reuniting with and reclaiming an old love — though that remotely and inconceivably could have happened — but refers directly to getting back to and fully embracing enhanced wellness. Reinvention continues with the full realization that the new beginning starts within, inside my own head and heart and kitchen. Once more, determination burbles up; intent seeks a solid connection between thinking and doing. Doing: daily records of eating nutritiously, avoiding unhealthy food and drink, taking supplements, getting exercise, writing and accomplishing the to-do list, being organized, focusing, achieving, and — yes — playing some, too.

“Any fool, any fool knows that there’s no, no way to win” unless the fool fully commits! So, it is written. So, let it be.

Mizrizbaboo does not write or make New Year’s resolutions. Every day is a new work in . . . . is it process or progress? Just a course of action, or actually moving forward? Progress — the choice is made. That’s the first step, once again.

With gratitude to © EMI Music Publishing and songwriters Deluca, DaveJ/Morrow, Marvin. . .

“I’ll play the part again one more time.”


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