Laissez le bons temp rouler

Restored, rejuvenated, and back in Fondren from “way down yonder” in New Or-leans. God, I do love that city!

Tulane friends and duty called; Mizrizbaboo responded — and for the most part, maintained the new practice of thinking about and making informed decisions about what goes into my mouth for food, energy, and enjoyment. How much damage can a woman do in just less than 48 hours? If the body tells the truth, rumbles in the tummy this morning indicate at least a bit of real hunger.

Thursday evening: dinner at the Intercontinental. Grilled ground lamb with couscous, roasted Kalamata and green olives, and a small house salad — along with some sips of sauvignon blanc vino. So what if the plate as presented also bore four beautiful portions of heavily buttered and grilled sandwich roll? Hey! Bread’s not that heavy; it got moved to its proper place on the bread plate instead of into my mouth.

Friday morning: smoked salmon with red onions, chopped egg, and capers atop a bit of cream cheese and potato latkes. Am I on a cruise? . . . Water at the graduation reception under the live oaks — then came the water from above and a walk back to Broadway under a gentle rainfall. . . Pascal Manale’s for libations and lunch of paneed veal and peeled barbeque shrimp. . . Dinner at the Hicks’ home with New Orleans hostess, TU SPHTM AA President visiting from New York, and two lovely young ladies — one just graduated and the other welcoming her second year — from Viet Nam. Hostess Elaine peeled, chopped, diced, and scrambled red, green, and yellow peppers with garlic, onions, tomato, carrots, spices-but-little-salt. and ground beef to accompany crisp mixed greens with homemade dressing — oh, yum. The Graduate prepared dessert, a traditional Vietnamese recipe of a most delectable flan.

Big berries — black, raspberry, and straw — with yogurt and ample quantities of French roast coffee, assorted juices, and bottled water for Saturday breakfast with business for the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Alumni Association . . . Reservations at two at The Palace Cafe on Canal. A spicy Bloody Mary prepped the palate for shrimp remoulade and a heart-healthy serving of almond-and-lemon-grilled drum over tomato-roasted couscous and a chilled sauvignon blanc.

On the return trip home, a pit stop in McComb provided a much-needed caffeine boost of iced mocha coffee from PJ’s of New Orleans. God, I love that city!


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