Two phones ringing at the same time — and somebody else trying to beep in on the land line while I’m talking. Somebody’s knocking on the door, the pot on the stove’s near boiling-over, I’ve got sebenty-lebben things to do swirling in my mind. . . Argh.

Breathe, Mizrizbaboo; breathe.

Some days seem more hurry-up than I like. Juggling a long to-do list and making miracles for myself and several other people still gets me pumped. That’s what I did for a mighty long time to build a career and earn a living — but that was Yesterday, and I want Yesterday to be gone, at least that aspect of . . .

Today, for example. Everything started before I was ready and Everything did so in a bit of a fit. The night seemed lighter, brighter than normal; then the lightning flashes commenced in such an obvious way. Suddenly, the wind kicked up and rain poured and pounded. That’s good — the fertilize and bone meal and cottonseed meal are spread all around outdoor plants. Good timing, Lord; so please take care of everything. Nothing I can do about any of that disturbance — I’m back to bed.

Sunshine tried to peek through later as I retrieved the newspaper. Relentless winds, though, pushed the clouds back over the neighborhood. The weather guys and girls say clouds will win. Possible tornadoes, potential flooding, unsettled and maybe dangerous conditions. Not a good day for out-and-about activities.

But my Enhanced Wellness appointment’s at 10:15. Sigh.

. . . Check that off — time to celebrate! My numbers are better! The numbers that are supposed to go down did, and the one that should increase did. Hooray! I’m better!

Yes, and I believe. I believe I can; I know I can. Late bloomer that I am (and that’s an idea for another post), I know that when I set my mind and my heart. . . place your bets on me because I’m going to achieve the objective!

Although I usually avoid expressions in the negative, I must say that this 12-week therapeutic regime is not inexpensive. I could say the program costs a lot of money, but that’s not the best description of my assigning money to the effort. Perhaps the best distinction is that the expenditure is a sizable investment, especially given my budget. This is, first and foremost, “get fixed” money. For the long haul, it’s all about prevention.

Prevention of disease, disability, disgruntlement, dismay, too early death. There, I’ve created and typed my new mantra; now I re-commit to living the motto. And, as for all Life’s path, I recognize that achievement is not a destination but a journey, a path, a process.

Voila! About “process,” WordWeb declares, it’s “the performance of some composite cognitive activity; an operation that affects mental contents.” Reflecting on Yesterday. . . yes, this requires thoughtful deliberation. As my good friend Lynn said about marriage, “Every day is a new negotiation.” So in my personal process toward achieving prevention, each day I shall think. . . and give thanks.

Thanks to you for reading!


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