Cognitive Therapy

Experts in geriatric medicine and how-to-age-with-most-of-your-mind-intact promote brain activity to keep the mind sharp: use it or lose it.

OK — please forgive if this pronouncement covers more than the literal. Editorial license! But prevention proponents do suggest that people who want to live with healthy thinking and communicating capacity should routinely engage in activities that use the brain. Some suggest reading, if only the newspaper — and who can go a morning without news, editorials, comics?! — watching television, and talking on the telephone. Human contact’s especially important, especially for folks who live alone.

Mizrizbaboo has added more exercise for the brain in this current quest for improved body, mind, and spirit. The journey to better health includes pills and supplements, and they seem to come at me from dawn to dusk. Well, actually, beyond!

One pill and a glass of water await my awakening; then I must wait at least 20 minutes. Then it’s time for Allegra and Aleve and more water. After coffee and breakfast, one pill, two chewables, and Vitamin-D3 drops. Ester-C, fish oil, One-A-Day, B-12, Prozac, and more water. Oh, and a new one: a big red capsule that’s on a three-a-day schedule. Ahhhh.

That takes me to snack time. Forty-eight ounces of water, then dairy and fruit. Hmmm, maybe almond milk and cantaloupe today. Yes.

With the mid-day meal and more water (at least 150 ounces/day!), another couple chewables and the addition of a fish oil pill. And on I go. Until evening, when before bedtime I must remember the big red capsule, one tablet I keep in the kitchen, and two prescriptions in the bathroom. If only for prevention, think I’ll have some more Aleve or ibuprofen or aspirin. And then to bed, perchance to sleep.

Oh, yes. This regimen has certainly improved sleep time. Most nights I’m not clenching or grinding teeth quite as harshly — oh, yes: I clench and grind. I’m on my third dentist-engineered night-guard, industrial strength. And some mornings my jaws ache for hours! But, it’s getting better. . . Nine hours quality rest and I’m up. Time to pop some pills and supplements.

Welcome to a partially-described day in my 12-Week program. Betwixt and between, I read, write, scan, clean, work some in the yard, get some physical exercise, do some chores, run an errand or two, check my to-do list, plan ahead to make and deliver aspic for a church function, order HEY, BOO, and grab the telephone.

Wikipedia credits Psychiatrist Aaron Beck for having developed one of the cognitive therapies that emerged during the 1960’s: “Cognitive therapy seeks to help the patient overcome difficulties by identifying and changing dysfunctional thinking, behavior, and emotional responses. This involves helping patients develop skills for modifying beliefs, identifying distorted thinking, relating to others in different ways, and changing behaviors.”

Well, there we have it. But my daily routine’s not cognitive therapy, per se — yet what I’m doing is cognition! I am moving thoughtfully through the day. I am processing information, applying knowledge, and changing how I think and feel about . . . well, about several things.

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