Monday, Monday

Today’s not just any old Monday; today’s Easter Two. The Second Day of Easter.  Joyful, Hopeful, New — “behold I make all things new.”

And I write — I write thoughts from Easter Sunday, a glorious day in all the ways Christians seek and a beautiful weather day here in mid-Mississippi. Cardinals, blackbirds, hunter cats, doves, robins, even a territorial mockingbird. Wind chimes and church bells. Sweet scent from a Carolina jasmine and down-home aroma of browning squash — then, fresh vine-ripened tomatoes. Before I left home for the day, a lady bug: hushed, non-intrusive.

Picnic basket packed, house secured, large sunshades positioned: off! A one-hour drive and I delivered myself to visit my nearest living blood relative, my 96-year-old aunt, my treasure. Orphaned by my parents in 2003 and 2006, widowed less than six months ago, I needed family this Easter — family as only Auntie V can deliver. True and faithful as any one could aspire to be, this white-haired gem beams with the sure knowledge that she has, indeed, lived a long, mostly good life but is not yet finished. This reservoir of family lore lives and continues to look forward, to make plans. . .

Auntie V talked Friday about potato salad and pickled pigs’ feet — her roommate June dines on bites instead of meals and frequently expresses her wish for trotters so prepared! By Saturday evening I arranged to share Sunday lunch with them, coordinating the menu with her and affirming her to secrecy about my surprise for June. Promptly at noon, the three of us shared their prepared meals with Mizrizbaboo’s home-baked turkey breast, vinegared green beans with fried squash, potato salad, onions-cucumbers-and-tomatoes, and sweet strawberries for dessert. The pickles for June? Eagerly and gratefully received and enjoyed!

The best surprise? For me from Auntie V. Since I had a couple errands planned in and around my hometown, she suggested joining me — she would enjoy going for a ride! Although she’s lived in the nursing home a little over a year and gone on several family outings with her sons plus for dental and optometrist appointments, she and I had not ventured together. Wonderful idea, though!

Funny, and not really such a big surprise: I went to deliver food, and she fed me. We drove through the country, enjoyed many-hued roses and lilies, domestic animals grazing, and visiting two favored cemeteries. We assessed my property and agreed on changes I must instigate and soon achieve. We stopped in to say hello at the homes of two cousins and returned two hours later with genuinely good feelings and a big slice of home-made-from-scratch coconut cake for her supper.

“All you need is love.” That’s what revolutionary artist John Lennon proclaimed some 40 years ago — a big part of him also was “dedicated to change.” May all who read these words know such love, such gratitude, such joy.



2 Comments on “Monday, Monday”

  1. Agnes says:

    I’m glad to know Aunt V is still with us, albeit in a nursing home. Good writing, made me want a visit to Mississippi and those family who are aging fast… but aren’t we all.

    • mizrizbaboo says:

      Agnes — thank you! for reading, for communicating. . . come on home! Aunt V is amazing — she talked about things that happened 80years ago with my Grandmother Sullivan and Aunt Cecile! She remembers names, dates, events as if they just happened, and some days I cannot remember anything. I am blessed to have her and aim to crunch in some more quality time together. . . Stay wonderful, Dear Friend.

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