Here I go, Again!

Reporting from Jackson, Mississippi. . . and on another renew, reinvent, revolutionize kick. This one involves me, my own self. This has to do with mind, body, computer, kitchen, personal and public personages, and whatever else flits through my mind during a given post.

Hey, I’m eclectic! And I’m changing.

Thunder rolls — *really.* Appropriate: this is life-changing, at least, it’s supposed to be. This is Day Two of a 12-week effort to detoxify my diet, my lethargy, my lack of physical movement. Reckon I can? Reckon I can! I’ve got a map, a plan, a commitment to myself. I’m going to be different.

So, how? Well, getting a better-than-high-blood pressure will be a really good start! And losing some weight surely should make that happen. Eating all day, taking the prescribed medicines and supplements and making the proper menus and moves, getting restful sleep — yes, that ought to do it!

This programs right out of Enhanced Wellness — check it out, The map came after months of thought, exploration, commitment, and laboratory analysis and reports as to mizrizbaboo’s own self. My navigator’s a family nurse practitioner certified in anti-aging medicine. Yes, Sir! Seriously. I got the map, the manual, the sheets to fill out what I eat and drink and do just three days ago. And I’m into it!

Getting started requires some thought, some preparation, some rearranging. The spinach tortillas and marinara sauce I bought last week? Nope. No wheat and no corn; we assume I am intolerant. For 12 weeks, I shall detox. No sugar, no wine binge, no unhealthy food. Just medical food twice a day, water, protein and grain, water, vegetables, fruit, water, nuts, fat — hooray for olive oil! — water, and did I mention water? Six mini-meals a day at relatively prescribed times.

The first two days have been good. I’ve managed the time fairly well, although my long-awaited shrubbery-trimming delayed lunch the first afternoon and my computer concentration caused me to forget lunch today. Fortunately, getting back on track’s been easy, and already I’ve concocted two delicious new dishes!

For lunch today, I combined some eat-as-much-as-you-like-without-guilt veggies to accompany tuna on chopped onion for lunch. You can try it, too: Chop half a red bell pepper and two small yellow squash; saute together in a little water. When soft, add a bunch of fresh spinach and steam together about 5 minutes. Mist with olive oil and season with salt, pepper, and other tasty spices you think would be good. Delicious!

Tonight I added drippings from baking a turkey breast to chopped cabbage and a can of Original Rotel, then steamed until the cabbage was tender. Tasty, especially with a little Himalayan sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Yes, I’m pretty sure this is going to work. Now for my tablespoon of crunchy almond butter and a cup of Sleepy Time tea. G’night, All!


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